Our water soluble fertilizers are made from the highest quality refined minerals.

High Purity Fertilizers

West Coast Horticulture makes fertilizers with the professional grower in mind. Our fertilizers are designed for use in commercial crop production and propagation nurseries. We make high-purity specialty fertilizers for all stages of plant growth: tissue culture, vegetative, flower/fruit.  Our liquid and dry fertilizers are fully soluble and are compatible with hydroponic systems, injector systems and drip irrigation.

Our water soluble fertilizers are made from ultra high purity minerals. They contain no urea, dies, stabilizers or PGRs.  These fertilizers contain an ideal ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen. This ratio helps keep the pH more stable allowing for less pH adjustment over time. Our fertilizers contain enhanced levels of iron in the form of iron DTPA to allow for better iron uptake over a wider pH range throughout the crop cycle.