Tissue Culture Supplies


Tissue culture has many uses. It can be used to produce disease free plants by doing meristem cloning, for rapid micro-propagation of large numbers of clones in a small area, flower culture and many other uses. West Coast Horticulture tissue culture formula is made from ultra high purity minerals, vitamins, sucrose and L meta-Topolin (a natural aromatic  cytokinin).

MS Basal Salt Mixture with meta-Topolin

Contains 1X Gamborg vitamins, 30 g/L sucrose, 0.5 mg/L meta-Topolin. Does not contain a gelling agent.


Hemp Micropropagation Kit

The purpose of this kit is to demonstrate in vitro vegetative propagation. This kit provides the necessary materials to initiate cultures from the seeds and/or stem tissues of hemp.

Agar Micropropagation Grade

Gelling agent for mixing with MS Multiplication Basal Salt Mixture