Foliar Calcium by MICRONA™

  • Adds all-natural ground calcium carbonate through soil or foliar application
  • Reduces disease pressure and improves plant health and growth
  • Micronized ultra-fine particle size
  • Spray application forms a fine, evenly dispersed film that is crop-available
  • Can be used in fertigation systems
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MICRONA™ ArborCal is all-natural, ground limestone, ultra-fine, micronized through special technology developed for foliar calcium nutrition.

WSDA Certified

CDFA organic program approved input material

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Ca) 38%

Derived from calcium carbonate

Typical Physical Characteristics
  • White micronized powder
  • Specific gravity limestone (g/cm3) 2.7
  • pH 9
Application Information

To make a liquid suspension using MICRONA™ ArborCal, fill the tank with water, agitate and add ArborCal slowly. Proper mixing, agitation and application is important After each use, flush lines and pumps thoroughly. ArborCal may be blended with many other materials but always jar test for compatibility.

Efficient Nutrition for Timely Application

MICRONA™ ArborCal is approved for use in organic food production. Intended as a foliar spray or soil drench on crops that benefit from supplemental calcium nutrition. Can be used any time of the year, however the best application time is spring and early summer. Application rates and frequencies are based on plant requirements and growing conditions.

General application rates

2 – 200lbs per acre

5 to 10 times per season depending on canopy density, number and size of trees per acre