• Use on All Food Crops and Landscape
  • Plant-Based Fertilizer
  • Supports Healthy Soil Microbes
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Our liquid Calcium is complexed with natural plant-derived amino acids, allowing better uptake of calcium and improved transportation throughout the plant.

Calcium is an essential element for all stages of plant growth. It is a fundamental building block of plant structures, helping in the activation of enzymes and necessary for cell division. Calcium is a relatively immobile element within plant tissue. This formula contains calcium complexed with amino acids—helping to draw calcium into the plant and improve the transport of calcium—which ensures an adequate supply to the growing tips and blooms.

Use West Coast Horticulture Calcium with Grow 2-1-2 or Bloom 2-2-2, Micronutrients and Natural Plant Growth Enhancer for a complete nutrient program. West Coast Calcium is compatible for mixing with most organic and inorganic fertilizers. Formulated for use in soil, coco and soilless media.

This specialty fertilizer is designed for organic production and listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

This product contains 3.0%  Calcium (Ca).