Premium 97


Gypsum – Calcium Sulfate by Diamond K

  • Extremely pure
  • Lower application rates
  • Highly Soluble
  • Improves low-solute water
  • Helps reclaim sodic soils
  • OMRI Listed
  • California OIM Certified
  • WSDA Organic Certified
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Premium 97 by Diamond K is the purest, most soluble mined solution-grade gypsum available. Improves soil structure, improves crop quality, and yields more effectively than bulk gypsum.

Extremely Pure

97% Calcium sulfate dihydrate, the purest available on the market.

Lower Application Rates

Other western gypsum sources can require up to 4x more product to get the same results.

Highly Soluble

97% passing 200 mesh and 92% passing 325 mesh means it goes into solution faster and more completely than other sources.

Improved Low-Solute Water

Adds minerals to pure water to improve water penetration into soil.

Helps Reclaim Sodic Soils

Ultra-soluble calcium to replace and leach sodium in the soil.