Soy Meal 7-1-2


  • Use on All Food Crops and Landscape
  • Plant-Based Fertilizer
  • Supports Healthy Soil Microbes
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West Coast Horticulture Soy Meal 7-1-2  is derived from ground organically-grown non-GMO soybeans. Soybean meal is a good source of organic nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Soy Meal 7-1-2 can be used as a pre-plant fertilizer or on established plants by side dressing.

Soybean meal can help enhance beneficial soil microbe populations. Organic growers commonly use soybean meal along with other organic amendments as part of a holistic soil fertility program.

Soybean meal should not be used in pre-plant mixes intended for starting seedlings as phytotoxicity may result in injury to the seedlings.